About Our Services

We know that your industry is complex.

Manoeuvring between diverse areas like increasing ticketing, merchandising and sponsorship to developing elite development pathways, your challenges are unique.

We understand this because we’ve been there and we’ve assisted many other leading sports organisations in your shoes. Our advice is independent and unmatched in the industry.

We’ve helped organisations with assorted challenges that include providing vanguard advice on stadia monetisation and design, developing professional leagues, helping to rehabilitate distressed sporting ...

Strategy & Planning

You’re used to developing strategy. You do it on the field and track. However, we find many sporting organisations do not extend strategy development to the whole business.

Like the tactics adopted by football teams on the field, a strategic plan provides sporting organisations with direction, motives, decision-making frameworks, and insight on the competitive environment. It anticipates change and provides guidelines for best use of resources to achieve targets.

When well-developed, strategic plans offer a solid framework for decision-making, recruitment and retention of  staff, improved operations, and importantly, performance measurement. Effective strategic planning instils accountability  and  aligns resources both ‘on-field’ and ‘front-office’ ...

Organisational Review

An organisational review may feel like the last thing you have time for, but it could be the making of your organisation.

Before any improvement in operational effectiveness is realised, best-practice system implemented, lasting sporting success achieved or long-term strategies developed, an elite sports organisation must first truly understand its current framework, resources, systems, environment, and capabilities.

Through conducting an organisational review, an organisation will have diagnostic information and measurement of its performance, capabilities, opportunities and challenges ...

Competitions & Team Development

The teams that you lead or competitions you run drive your success.

We know that the importance of competitions, teams and talent should never be underestimated. That’s because it is through exposure to these elements that fans develop passion for a sport. The importance of developing a successful sports organisation is imperative so that sports are represented in a positive manner, developing long-term participation both on and off the field.

From the FIA’s Formula 1™, to the English Premier League™ or the National Football League™, success is due as much to the shrewd performance of the decision makers off the field as the sublime talent on it. But what are the elements that make some competitions and teams more successful than others?

Revenue Optimisation

We know that a key focus for you is increasing your revenues, to ultimately improve your bottom-line.

Although improvements to your bottom-line performance can also be driven by cutting costs, the problem with this as a stand-alone solution is that it also cuts quality of service and performance, suppresses long-term activities, disengages quality talent and staff, and stifles a culture of high-performance and innovation.

With labour (for talent and athletes, front-office and back-room staff) and transport costs ever increasing, cost cutting is only a temporary solution.

Instead, for lasting success, top-line revenue must be strengthened through improved fan engagement ...

Cost Management & Control

Rising costs are a challenge for any business. Sports organisations are no exception.

In both strong and financially-distressed sports organisations it is management’s duty to consider, and implement, cost-reduction strategies to ensure long-term liquidity. However, this strategy can only offer short-term relief from ever-increasing costs and those implementing such strategies must consider the impact on the quality of performance both on-field and front-office.

To ensure no negative impacts in on-field and front-office outputs is experienced, expertise in cost management means understanding the link between on-field and front-office functions and activities ...

Business Improvement & Turnaround

Some sporting organisations are high-performers.

They achieve their stretching targets. Their people are engaged and passionate. They have a sound direction and clear strategy. They have developed excellent long-term relationships with partners.  They understand and engage their fans. They only recruit the very best people and always retain high-performers. They understand their cost-base and have robust processes.  Their research and analysis capabilities are innovative. They have clearly defined lines of communication and accountability. They have built an innovative culture, and are great decision-makers.

Sadly, only 1% of sporting organisations perform like this. This elite group has a distinct competitive ...

Bid Development & Appraisal

We know that in recent years bidding and tendering has become more prevalent and important to the sports industry.

These activities are essential to long-term growth and include bidding for major events, team’s inclusion in competitions, and facilities use or development. Sometimes you’ll be preparing a bid, and sometimes managing the tender process.

Considerable resources are allocated to these activities as they are high-value propositions of great strategic importance ...

Capology (Salary Cap Management)

We know that effective planning and strategizing around a salary cap can mean the difference between long-term success and long-term mediocrity.

Simply put, those who understand the pro sports business and salary cap mechanisms will benefit from lasting success through recruiting and retaining the best talent (both athletes and backroom staff), having high-performance development systems, understanding the risks associated with talent using psychometric and biometric diagnosis, and identifying and tracking potential talent effectively.

The indicator that such a successful culture exists within an organisation is simply ...

Risk Management

Crises are encountered across all industries.

We’ve found that the professional sports industry is no different.

Given the sophistication and competitive nature of the professional sports industry, any crisis can have damaging and lasting impacts.

Effects can be felt in recruitment and retention of talent, development of talent, sponsorship acquisition and retention, broadcasting, attendances, merchandise sales and brand erosion to name a few ...

Other Services

We’re aware that there are many other activities that create issues for you and we’ve developed a range of additional services, providing expert knowledge to assist.

These services include, but are not limited to, guiding a professional sports teams on developing dossiers about opposition and talent; understanding facility, stadium and venue design; designing, developing and managing elite academies; advising private investors on acquiring a stake in a professional  sports team; performing due diligence for events; procuring funds from grants; helping potential sponsors ...

Our Clients Include

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  • Professional Clubs & Teams
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