About KW

Most consulting organisations don’t focus exclusively on the sports industry, and that’s where we’re different.

With experience and expertise attained from working with some of the most successful and respected sporting organisations in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, Australasia and the Middle East, Kleinmann Wang is the natural business partner for any serious professional sports organisation.

Established specifically to assist sporting organisations achieve their ultimate ambitions, we help develop and execute long-term strategies, improve business and operational performance and capabilities, solidify decision-making processes, strengthen financial position and systems and help reach stretching objectives.

The Business of Sport

The sports industry is experiencing challenges unlike any in its history. Business as usual just doesn’t cut it anymore. Sports organisations are learning that what worked yesterday definitely won’t work tomorrow.

Common challenges that sports firms are facing include a distressed economic environment, extreme market volatility, intense competition for talent acquisition and retention, globalisation, rising operating costs, collapse of credit markets, privatisation, pressures on competitive balance within leagues and competitions, social media, challenges of sports betting, new trends in stadia and facilities designs and functionality, weakened ‘traditional’ revenue channels, talent remuneration stress, rapidly changing consumer preferences, hyper-competition beyond traditional boundaries, and advancing technologies.

Our Principles & Mission

Our attention is focused first and foremost on our industry, your objectives and the finest level of detail. We work with our clients to deliver immediate results within weeks and months, not years.

Our mission is to guide and assist professional sporting organisations to become high-performance, profitable and self-sustaining organisations, both in the ‘front office’ and ultimately, ‘on the field’.

Anter Isaac

Having worked in the ultra-competitive professional sports industry for a period spanning two decades, Anter Isaac has attained a breadth of knowledge and experience in both ‘front office’ and ‘on field’ capacities which have provided a unique understanding on all aspects of professional sports. Most importantly Anter’s experience has led him to completely understand the critical relationship between ‘front-office’ and ‘on-field’ strategies, activities and resources.

Primarily, this knowledge, experience and expertise in the business of sport have been gained through working with, and extensive research of, some of the world’s most successful sporting organisations.

10 Reasons to use KW

  • We know the business of sport inside-out and are purpose-built to help organisations operating in the professional sports industry
  • We understand the critical success factors that make one sporting organisation stronger than another
  • We understand the challenges and critical issues faced by sporting organisations, both now and into the future
  • We have our finger on the pulse and are continually identifying and analysing trends that will impact the sports industry
  • Unlike other consulting firms, we have extensive experience working in the 'front-office' and 'on the field', and understand the unique critical nexus between these two functions in the sports industry
  • We understand that customers (fans) of sports are the most loyal and sophisticated of any industry and need to be managed accordingly
  • We have a proven track-record in successfully aligning ‘front-office’ and ‘on-field’ strategies, resources and operations for great success
  • We only hire people with an extensive wealth of expertise, knowledge and hands-on experience in professional sports organisations
  • Our network of more than 30 professional sports specialists and experts globally and across all functional areas, is second to none
  • We tell it like it is, even if you don't want to hear it